Cacib show in HódmezΕ‘vásárhely (HU), judge Hans Almgren (S)

Coeur De Lion d'Hongrie U are my Everything: Ex1, jun.Cacib, HPJ, Best Junior and BOS 🀩. Judge said this lady is of extremly high quality ❀️. Happy me! (Sajukan Yksinäinen Tinasotamies x Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie Que Sera Sera)

Komarom cacib 07.10.2023

Coeur De Lion d'Hongrie U Are my Everything: Ex1, junior CAC, junior Winner x Crufts Qualifikation and Junior BOB!!! Judge : Katalin Radvanszky.

Dabog Hoity -Toity Gang: Ex1, junior CAC, junior Winner x Crufts Qualifikation. Judge: Katalin Radvanszky . Now he is also Hungarian Junior champion!!! 


2 Shows from the HTTK on 1 day in GödöllΕ‘ (Hu).  

* Smokey Hoity -Toity Gang: 2X Ex1, 2X HPJ, 2X JBOB, BOS BOB and at noon he passed his breedinglisence πŸŽ‰πŸ’ͺ😊

* Coeur De Lion d'Hongrie Que Sera Sera Ex1, CAC, BOB with this she became HUNGARIAN CHAMPION!!! 🀩😍

* Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie U are my Everything showed her socks of: 2x Very Promissing and 2x Best puppy.

* Smokey x Trixie became together BIS couple 3th place

* Smokey x Ellie became together BIS couple 2nd place. Thanks to judge Viktoria LoziΔ‡ 



What shall I say??? What a day 🀩. Today 4th June 2023 at the Magyar Terrier TenyésztΕ‘ Egyesület. Judges: Mr. Hugh Scott Kellog (USA) and Mr. Bill Browne-Cole (UK):

* Coeur de Lion Hongrie U are my Everything: very Promissing, Best minor puppy and Best Baby in Show 1 πŸ’ͺπŸ₯‡πŸ€©.

* Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie Que Sera Sera: Exc1, CAC πŸ’ͺ

* Dabog Hoity Toity Gang: Exc.1, HPJ, Junior Clubwinner, BOS!!!πŸŽ‰πŸ₯‡ ....aaaand not yet finished 😁.

BIS: Best Couple 1: Dabog Hoity Toity Gang x Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie Que Sera Sera... aaaaaand:

Best breeding group 1: Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie!!!! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ₯‡. Yesss.

We are still not finished 😁.

Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie Touch of Love was also there with her owners.: Very Promissing 1 and best puppy aaand Puppy Best in show 3!!! She is now Hungarian puppy Grand winner.

27.05.2023 Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie Touch of Love, 7 months old, received her 2nd very promissing at the show in Jászberény (HU).  Judge: dr. Sirkó Eva. Congratulations to the owner 😊!
(Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie Querida x Jump for joys Rainbow Man)

Today 7th of May 2023, at the int. CACIB show in Pàpa (Hu), Dabog Hoity Toity Gang received his 3 very Promissing and 3th Best puppy from judge: Zsuzsanna Balogh. With this he is now Hungarian Grand puppy winner  Trixie received Excellent 1


This weekend 21th April, we were at the CAC Show in Pécs.  We had the terrierspecialist mr. Denk Csaba László!

Dabog Hoity Toity Gang: Very promissing and Best Puppy πŸ’ͺ

Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie Querida: Exc.1, CAC, BOB!!!

Today on 14th April we were at the CAC Show in Békéscsaba.  Judge was Harsányi Péter.

Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie Querida: Ex.1, CAC, BOB πŸŽ‰

Dabog Hoity Toity Gang: Very promissing, Best Puppy. 

We have been to the Fehova dogshow in Budapest 

09-02-2023 at the FEHOVA in Budapest under Judge Petru Muntrean

Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie Sparkling Beauty received: Ex1

5 months old Dabog Hoity Toity Gang: promissing (Judge thought his legs were too long )

30-04-2022 At the CACIB Pécs under Judge Kórozs András,

Coeur de Lion d`Hongrie Querida got Ex1 CAC ,CACIB and BOB! 

Her father Bar Rigon Shape of my Heart received: Ex1 ,CAC CACIB