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21/09. Our puppies are 4 weeks old

02/09 shownews !!!

01/09 very good healthnews for our male Dabog Hoity -Toity Gang.  Patella 0/0, bile acid test: normal!!!

25/08. Sparky has delivered her puppies! 🤩

03/07 the ultrasound showed our Sparky is having puppies at the end of August or begining September 🤩😍❤️!!!  The Future father is our own male: Bar Rigon Shape of my Heart

22/04 our puppy has arrived in Canada


More than 20 years ago I, Xenia Moser, migrated to Hungary. From then on I started breeding Great Danes. Several (world) champions were born from one of my first litters. So I can say in all modesty that my F-litter was one of the best among the Great Danes.

I owe my love for the Cairn Terrier to my sister, who used to have a Cairn puppy. I was so fascinated by the puppy with the Napoleon complex, that I have studied this breed further. After a while, this breed also took up residence in my kennel.

In the meantime we have decided to stop breeding Great Danes and VEO's to concentrate exclusively on breeding Cairn Terriers.

I have been a MEOESZ-FCI member since 2005.


We breed at all times for the sake of our dogs. This means that the health and breed standard is a priority within our kennel. But of course we also think the character is important. The pups grow up in a homely atmosphere and are therefore also very suitable as a house dog. They know the sounds of the vacuum cleaner, television and the barking of other dogs. As they get older, we intrigue them into the pack.

The puppies will be coupled by us to the future owners. Of course, the important wishes of the potential owners are always kept in mind. This has still resulted in the perfect combination. Not a single pup has ever had to move or ended up in an animal shelter.