About us

Like many, I grew up with dogs. At home we always had Great Danes and German Shepherds. The idea that I would one day breed myself only came up when we emigrated to Hungary 20 years ago. The first litter was great, but to reach your goal you need to gain experience and study your own breeds, pedigrees and physique. Of course you also need a bit of luck. So I can say in all modesty that my F-litter was one of the best among the Great Danes. From this litter comes the INT. Champion bitch Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie Fortuna 4 U Finland. She became 2016 Junior World Champion and has also won a number of titles across Scandinavia. From the same litter comes multi-champion Coeur de lion d'Hongrie Faramir, who won all titles in South America and twice took 2nd place in the open class at the World Dog Show in the Netherlands in 2018. And in 2016, 2017, 2018 the best blue Great Dane in Argentina.

I was also the first official VEO breeder in Hungary. We have a few very expressive males who have now received their well-deserved breeding pension. They are so-called stamp males, who have gave their own appearance very strongly to their offspring. Here one can call the male Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie Rollo The Viking who lives in Finland and is an official stud.

We have decided to stop breeding Great Danes and VEOs and to concentrate exclusively on breeding Cairn Terriers. Our descendants can achieve a number of successes at home and abroad! Here we can mention Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie Marzipan, who became Cairn Terrier of the Year 2019 in Finland. There is also the stud dog Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie Omega who also lives in Finland with great offspring and the dog Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie Quincy has more fun who lives in the Netherlands with the breeder Yvonne van den Bogert. Our descendants can now be found in many countries such as the Netherlands, Finland, Hungary, Sweden, America, etc


I have been a member of the MEOESZ since 2005. The love for Cairns originated from my sister who had a Cairn puppy at the time. I was so fascinated by this little guy with the Napoleon complex that I immersed myself in this breed. After a while, the first one moved in. Our puppies grow up in the house and know the daily sounds, such as vacuum cleaner, TV, barking of other dogs. Later they are integrated into the pack. For us health and the standard is very important. Our bitches are between 29 and 30 cm tall. Character is also important to me because who would like a puss as a companion! :) The puppies are also selected by me for the future owners! Not a single puppy has ever had to move, nor has he/she ended up in an animal shelter. It is of course important to keep the wishes of the future owners in mind so that everything fits.

If you have more questions about our Cairn Terrier kennel or about one of the dogs, you can always contact us.

Coeur de Lion d'Hongrie puppies who live in Finland (except Querida)